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Little Britten?
Composing LA
John Williams to receive a Classical Brits honour
A Sound British Adventure
Channel Four goes clubbing
Jon Lord dies
Sir Paul McCartney turns 70
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone- Ennio Morricone special
Fab Four top of Her Majesty's pops
Robin Gibb dies
Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers
Prime Minister praises British music
The Great Animal Orchestra
John Barry- Licence To Thrill
The Cinematic Orchestra
Olympics for orchestra
SID Chip Sounds- The Music Of The Commodore 64
A little touch of Bollywood........
My most cinematic music review yet.............
You couldn't make it up............
Karnak Seti
From prison to the Cultural Olympiad
An electro event
The Fallen
The Science Of Sound
An Underworld Olympics
Fool The World
Workers hit the charts
The John Peel Lecture
Cocker goes pop
River Of Music
Terry Gilliam's Faust
A real life Celebrity Deathmatch!
An Olympic orchestra
A novel musical idea from Japan.........
How A Choir Works
The Proms- ' music from the shows'
Newcastle- the musical!
Classic FM's Greatest Movie Music
Spaghetti Western Orchestra
David Bowie in Lego!
Favourite Remakes
Number 1??? NUMBER 1???
BBC Proms Film Night
A Wagnerian resurgence?
Amy Winehouse dies
The Proms
The BBC Philharmonic presents Nero's Dubstep Symphony
Is pop stuck in the past?
A shockwave symphony
Think I might need a pair of these!
The original synthesiser....
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi- ' Rome'
Fancy a spell as a festival reporter?
The Prince & The Composer
Lennon in the sky with profits
We Will Rock You
The Shaggs
Michael Jackson Fulham?
Once in a lifetime?
John Barry memorial concert
A sporting chance
Film Score Monthly
Ghost- the musical
Singing for his sentence?
Synthesiser for sale.......
A Pet Shop Ballet
Look Hugh's playing.....
Tupac- The Movie?
31 Songs
They Write The Songs
We will Dot you!
Not your usual pre-flight entertainment.....
Phil Collins retires from music
The Union
Silence of the lambs?
The ballet Beatle
Do orchestra conductors really live longer?
Anna Nicole- the opera!
The Grammies go Gaga
John Strauss dies
Gary Moore Dies
The strange world of Elton John............
John Barry dies
Something to get you in the mood for Christmas
Life Stories- Elton John
The poisoned Apple?
Gigging time again!
Vickers in Red Hot Chili Trouble
Caruso & The Quake
A real Mili-band?
Tiny Tin Lady
The Chloe Hall Trio
A ' symphony of the satellites'
' Recycled music'..........
Albums - Forthcoming releases
The Movie Music Chart
Accidental musical plagiarism, or just a good ear?
Back to the Phuture
Bee Gees Bank Holiday
Saturday Night Fever
Star Spangled Hendrix
Ken & Mark & Robert
Taking Stock
Punk rock football......
An unlikely fan.......
Buggles reforming
Return to bidder......
Elvis Forever
Damon Albarn takes the blame for Gorillaz at Glastonbury
I think I hate local radio!
Listening habits
The artist latterly known as Print?
Album (s) of the year so far?
Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape
Sunshine of your love?
Sir Paul plays the White House!
Jagger's Jukebox
Studio sweet home.......
Michael Jackson's will
Stephen Fry on Wagner
They Ain't Heavy, They're The Hollies
Exile Of The Stones
A rather sad anniversary......
Cultural Olympiad
Hendrix's house to be opened to public
A political supergroup?
Sparks multi-instrumen- and an unfortunate resemblance......
Music to Govern To, Volume One......
Now That's What I Call Heritage!
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Favourite new songs?
Singing in the shower is good for you!
This is Radio Labour!
Ever wondered what's on the Pope's Ipod?
An interesting spin on detention!
Editors live
The Beakles!
A bit of 'culture'...
A voyage of discovery!
A labour of love.....
On the road again!
Latest CD purchases?
Save Abbey Road!
Knack singer Doug Fieger dies
So, what's everyone listening to of late?
The Man Machine
The Inventor of Rock And Roll
Rob Brydon's Wonderful World Of Elvis
The Beatles- Here There & Everywhere
Elvis- Screen King Or Celluloid Sellout?
The Music Instinct
The History Of The Christmas Carol
Christmas Number One
The Kids Are Alright
Elvis Lives!
In Dreams- The Roy Orbison Story
Johnny Cash- The Last Great American
The Beatles On Record
Loudquietloud- A Film About The Pixies
The Songs The Beatles Gave Away
top 5 riff's of all time
Zappa Plays Zappa
Duran Duran night
Beatles Compilation on sale in December
Flaming Lips live- tonight!
The Residents
Fleetwood Mac night
' Nirvana- Live At Reading' to be released
Baroque And Roll- Townshend On Purcell
The Flaming Lips live......
Krautrock- The Rebirth Of Germany
A new take on Lady Gaga.....
Madness night
Meet the Smithereens!
' Guitar Hero' vs the real thing
Looks like real life guitar hero status will have to wait...
Thank You For The Music- A Celebration of the Music of Abba
Beatles Bank Holiday Weekend
Favourite Songs
The Director's Cut
Coldplay live album - free download, 1 day only
New discoveries
Festival season is almost upon us...
Leon Jackson dropped by record label
Latest Ipod rips/downloads/ CD purchases
Festive tunes...
Wogan's Christmas single
'The White Album'- 40th Anniversary
TOTP back this Christmas
Chinese Democracy
The CD player curse...
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