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Inside Job
Exit through The Gift Shop
Capitalism- A Love Story
Why Birds Sing
British Novelists- In Their Own Words
Prog Rock Britannia
Rich Hall's ' How The West Was Lost'
Miles Davis- Different Kind Of Blue
Sex & The Silver Screen
Modern Masters- Warhol
Engineering Ancient Egypt
Queen- The Phenomenon
How The Beatles Rocked The Kremlin
The Rules of Film Noir
Neil Young- Don't Be Denied
Legends- The Motown Invasion
Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash
Horizon: Why Aren't Thin People Fat
The Swing Thing
Hotel California- From The Byrds To The Eagles
Kings Of Glam
Charley Boorman- From Ireland to Australia By Any Means
Confronting the PC Brigade
Dispatches: The Hidden World of Lap Dancing
The Roxy Music Story
9/11 Documentaries
Kings Of Rock And Roll
Extraordinary People: RoboChick And The Bionic Boy.
Britain's Closest Encounters
Dispatches: The Truth About Food Prices
Revealed: Legend of the Crystal Skulls
Tonight prog - "Past Its Sell- By Date"
Notes From a Dirty Island
James Bond: The True Story
Heather Mills: What Really Happened?
Indiana Jones: The True Story
Am I Normal?
Quest for the Lost Ark
Tonight - How Do You Sleep?
Massacre At Virginia Tech
Louis Theroux's South Africa's hunting Holiday
Identity Fraud
The Shogun
American Teen
McCartney v McCartney:The Ex Files
Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister
Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory
Cutting Edge: Phone Rage
Baby Bible Bashers
Tonight: Women in Fear
End of the Century- The Story of The Ramones
Jamie Oliver: Eat to Save Your Life
Louis Theroux: Behind Bars
The End of the World Cult
Titanic's Final Moments:The True Story
No Plan, No Peace - The Inside Story of Iraq
Michael Jackson: What Really Happened?
Human Guinea Pigs
Dispatches Special: Searching for Madeline
Louis Theroux Under the Knife
Who Do You Think You Are?
Sex Films for Girls
The BBC will Question Our Democracies
Stinky People
Extraordinary People:The Man Who Dreams the Future
British Film Forever: Comedy Films
9/11: Ground Zero Underworld
9:11 Miracle of Stairwell B
British Film Forever
Diana's Last Summer
The Truth about Boy Bands
Ann Widdecombe Verses Prostitution
Enemies of Reason
The Alistair Campbell Diaries
Dispatches: Undercover Mosque.
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